by: Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Travis Sims

The Magic of Networking

It's Finally Here!!!!!

The most successful people in the world understand it is not what you know, it is not who you know, it is who knows you that counts. They understand that your network is your net worth.


Many people have been told to go out and do networking to grow your business or advance your career. However, networking is not taught in college and most people have no idea how to network effectively. Just like magic is a learned and honed skill of the magician, networking is a skill that must be learned and mastered. Networking is not a question for the business person or professional, networking is the answer.


In this book Travis Sims, the Magician of Networking, will teach you “The Magic of Networking.” Travis gives you a peek behind the curtain and shares some of his biggest networking secrets that only the elite have discovered. You will learn how to effectively build relationships, gain trust, develop referrals and close more business while being your authentic self.


The principles taught within this book will help you network effectively, efficiently, and with excellence,  and will propel your business and career to the next level.


The book “The Magic of Networking” is indeed a masterpiece for all professionals, business owners, and rising stars regardless of your field of influence, it is a must read.

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Travis Sims is the CEO & Founder of AGC Accelerated Global Connections.

Two Time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. Featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC.


Business Coach & Networking Expert helping you achieve your goals and reach new heights in your business.

Experienced Keynote Speaker for 1000+ events + Audience Of 3000 + & in 49+ Countries 

High Level Executive for 15+ Years Breaking Records of Achievement Nationally & Internationally